Thursday, December 14, 2017

Andalusia II

Bouldering at the sea. What more do you want? (pics partly of Yannik Mödinger)

the art of sloping holds...


 Seems as if in Andalusia you have to look for the waves in other places


 It all started with the withered windwheel... (pics partly of Yannik Mödinger)

Climbing and lots of space at the beach came later

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


 Alex presents the toys

and then finally into the water, hehe

Surf Art

Another Handplane. Paulownia with branding

and a few other scribbles...

A Muerte

 Climbing close to Madrid

Friday, November 3, 2017


What an adventure! Climbing in the Galayos requires firstoff an approach of 2,5-3h with the entire food for the time that you plan on staying. We took food for 5 days. Therefore our backpacks were quite heavy considering all the weight of autoprotection-devices plus sleep and cookingstuff that has to be in there aswell. Fortunately there is water from springs up there otherwise it would've been impossible. This is the way, in the background you can already see the destination: (pictures partly by Alvaro)

Our first bivak. At a 15m- dropoff, but with the best view:

The view from the Refugio at sunrise

On top of Aguja Negra:

climbing the last pitch of Gran Galayo:

and the view from the top of it:

According to the caretaker of the Refugio I was the first on that carried a Crashpad as mattrass up to the Galayos, we had to do some bouldering. Maybe the first boulder in the Galayos (Caca de Cabras, 6C)

 View onto El Torréon

here with three Climbers on top

and this is the downward view from the narrow summit: 170m of dropoff to the left and 150m to the right